Full Sleeve tattoos

If you want something bigger than a small tattoo, but less extensive than a full back or front tattoo, a full sleeve tattoo is a great middle ground. The arm provides much canvas space to work with to allow you to express limitless creativity, without covering up most of your body. Many people spend a long time planning out their sleeve, making sure that each component of the tattoo works well and has a visual flow and aesthetic appeal. But with the help of an experienced tattoo artist, your sleeve will come out looking amazing.

If you’re looking to fill out a full sleeve tattoo, come to Beautiful Affliction! Since 2009, our tattoo shop has been serving clients in the Payette, ID, community. Our tattoo artists will work closely with you in order to plan out each part of your sleeve. We can do quarter, half, and full sleeves, and we can do practically any design you want. With our artistry, talent, and expertise, you can trust that your tattoo is going to look incredible.

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