Eyelash Extension

Unfortunately, not all of us are born with full, lush eyelashes. If your lashes look lackluster, come to Beautiful Affliction for eyelash extensions! We are a tattoo shop in Payette, ID, that has specialized in tattooing, make up, and aesthetical services since 2009. It’s our goal to make you look incredible!

How would you like to wake up every morning with long, flawless lashes? Eyelash extensions give you the perfect lashes, without needing mascara. Eyelash extensions are glued on by an aesthetician with semi-permanent glue that holds the lashes to your eyelid. Our aestheticians are skilled with their hands; we are able to customize your lashes however you like and make them look real. Afterwards, we will let you know aftercare tips to make your lashes last even longer. Visit us today to finally get the perfect eyelashes!

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