Body Piercing

Body piercings are a popular method of body modification. Throughout all of history, piercings have been used to express personal style and to make a statement. If you’re thinking of getting a piercing, make sure you visit a professional. Beautiful Affliction is a tattoo and piercing shop that has helped the community of Payette, ID, with all their piercing needs since 2009.

We offer many different options to choose from. Whether you want a simple ear piercing or something more complicated like a tongue piercing, our team is here to help. We enforce cleanliness and sanitation to avoid infection, and we strive to keep our clients as comfortable as possible. Our staff will make you aware of your options, aftercare you need to perform, as well as any complications that may arise. We also have a wide selection of body jewelry to choose from. Visit us today to see what types of body piercings we can do for you!

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